Casa Loma

Hello and welcome to my crib.
Glad you made it here safely! This castle I inherited from my great great great-grandfather, we call it Casa Loma. I hope you don't mind the people passing the picture. It's just our neighbours. We just enjoyed a cup of tea and some biscuits in our living room, but i asked them nicely to leave since you guys were coming.

 Please, enter my castle!


Feel free to look and touch anything you want. My house is now your house.
We just entered the hall. Sometimes, on a sunny day like this, it can get really hot inside. That is why we have the ceiling fan.

Livingroom. Whenever I want to relax, maybe take a nap or just read a book I come in here. But most of the time we like to have a cup of tea or coffee and play parlour games. Are you familiar with Monopoly? We play that alot.

A sneak peak of my bedroom. I love fruit !  That should explain the apples on the table..

You know sometimes when you just don't feel clean? That's when I like to come in here.
Ordinary band-aids have a tendency not to stay when you swim in the pool. I guess it's the glue. That is why I buy johnson & johnson's waterproof band-aids. I definitely recommend them.

Sometimes I like to go up the tower and just enjoy the view. On a clear day you can see the CN-tower.
The only drawback is that you have to go through the attic to get here. That can sometimes be scary. especially during the nights.

Well dear reader, you've seen my ceiling fan, my bedroom and my fabulous view. It's time for you to leave my property .
Take care and have a safe ride home !


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